KONG Extreme Dog Toy, Black

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Manufacturer Description

It's not simply a dog toy; it's a KONG.

KONG Extreme is the most durable variation of our original KONG toy. The ultra-strong, ultra-durable, black rubber substance is suggested for the most effective chewers. Our super-bouncy, black natural rubber substance is unequaled for canines who prefer to chew. Stuffing healthy deals with into a KONG keeps canines gladly working and out of trouble for long periods of time.

KONG Extreme
KONG Sizing Guide
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Separation anxiety

Separation anxiety usually occurs in the very first 20 minutes after you leave a dog alone. A basic option is to help the canine establish a positive association in between being left alone and good ideas, like a treat-stuffed KONG. Stuffing a KONG dabble a mix of wet and dry ingredients produces an obstacle that usually lasts 20 minutes, engaging canines during the time when anxiety is at its peak. A KONG can even be frozen so that getting all the food out takes a lot more time.


For adult canines, chewing is nature's way of keeping jaws strong and teeth clean. Chewing also combats boredom and can alleviate anxiety or frustration. Without an acceptable outlet for the natural instinct to chew, numerous canines will rely on harmful chewing in the house. Success comes when teaching canines acceptable chewing habits from the start. KONG toys are available in a range of formulas from pup to adult to senior, so they can grow with your canine. For all canines-- no matter chewing character-- monitor play till you're positive the canine will not damage the toy. Make certain to replace any dabble cuts, tears or rips.

Barking and Digging

Canines bark to interact and dig when bored or afraid. Producing etiquettes begin with efficient play, which permits canines to expend excess energy. Whenever you toss a KONG toy, the unpredictable bounce guarantees no two video games are ever the same, keeping the canine engaged and thrilled for more. A packed KONG is also helpful for a dog left outside to play. Directing their energy toward something favorable, like working for the food inside the toy, lessens bad habits.

Crate training

Crate training is an effective way to house train a pup or brand-new canine. In this vital time, you can help unwind your canine with a treat-stuffed KONG to create a positive association with the cage. Start a dog's cage training by packing a KONG dabble a favorite treat. Let the canine see and smell the stuffed toy, then position the KONG in the back of the cage leaving the door open. As the canine chews on the KONG inside the cage, they begin to feel more comfy and create a positive association with the cage. Repeat this till their canine enjoys to settle in the cage on their own.

Power chewers need durable toys.
Canines Need to Play.

For canines, physical and mental advancement, emotions and behavior are all influenced by healthy pay. Play helps canines expend excess energy, which is necessary for suitable behavior. KONG canine toys motivate play, satisfying canines' instinctual needs and enhancing the bond in between canine and owner.

There are three basic chewing styles when it comes to canines and their toys.
  • Gentle Chewers-- These canines are simple on toys and choose plush or material toys. They typically prefer to lick or suck on their toys, however rarely ever damage their toys.Average Chewers-- These canines enjoy to play with all kinds of toys and will often carry toys around with them. They can be harmful with plush and material toys however rarely are harmful with rubber toys.Power Chewers-- These canines are typically strong, identified
  • chewers who need more discretion when it comes to picking toys. Pick durable, interactive play toys along with hard rubber toys. Sizing up is also helpful when selecting toys for Power Chewers.

Product Features

Ultra-strong, ultra-durable, black rubber compound is recommended for the most powerful chewers Perfect for stuffing with KONG treats; Helps reduce boredom and separation anxiety for powerful chewers Unpredictable bounce for games of fetch Used worldwide by police, drug enforcement and military K-9 teams; Also used by Schutzhund and AKC competition trainers Made in the USA

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