Door Buddy Door Latch to Dog Proof Litter Box. Easy Cat Access. Simple Lock Latch for Convenient Adult Entry. Adjustable Strap Replaces Need for Pet Gate. Stop Dog from Eating Cat Poop Today!

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Manufacturer Description

Does your canine believe feline poop is the tastiest treat in the world? Can't keep him out of the feline litter box no matter what you do?

Other than the fact that your canine consuming feline feces is nasty, it can sometimes cause health problems like getting parasites, worms, diarrhea and queasiness. For that reason, assisting your canine to avoid this bad practice must be a top priority.

We understand that there are many items available on the market to help solve this problem and you might have attempted several that either did not work, was inconvenient for you or your feline simply flat out refused to utilize it.

That is why we created Door Buddy ® as the inexpensive and much easier SOLUTION.

Door Buddy is an adjustable door strap that will keep your canine out of the space with the feline food or litter box. Door Buddy keeps the door open large adequate for cats to come in and out, but narrow enough so dogs (if somewhat larger than feline) can not.

Installs in Seconds - no tools required

Lock and Unlock Latch - quick and hassle-free adult access

Easy to Use - easy one handed operation from either side of the door

Adjustable strap - set the perfect width to fit your needs

3M VHB Tape - for a safe and secure hold to any type door

Made in USA

Stop battling with complicated and pricey items like animal gates with feline door, covered litter boxes, top entry litter boxes and litter box furnishings. Door Buddy is the much easier way.

Our customers like Door Buddy due to the fact that it is a premium, high quality door lock that provides their cats the personal privacy and area they require while blocking dogs from entering their food, litter box and preferred hangout space.

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Product Features

Door Buddy is a Door Latch that will keep your dog (if slightly larger than cat) out of the room with the cat food and litter box while still allowing your cat to have easy access. EASIER ALTERNATIVE --> Stop struggling with complicated, expensive and cumbersome products like pet gates with cat door, safety gates, covered litter boxes, top entry litter boxes, and litter box furniture. EASY TO USE AND INSTALLS IN SECONDS --> Simple lock and unlock door latch provides easy and convenient adult access to the room being isolated. Strong 3M VHB adhesive forms a secure bond to any type door. ADJUSTABLE STRAP --> Use the tri-glide adjuster to customize the width of door opening to fit your needs. Can be used to block dogs of all sizes, babies, and even cats from entering the designated room. KEEP DOG OUT OF ANY ROOM WITH A DOOR --> Great for blocking access to unwanted rooms like laundry, bathroom, closet, bedroom and especially your cat's favorite hang-out room to give him the privacy and space he needs.

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