How to Groom Your Dog at Home?

How to Groom Your Dog at Home

If you prefer to groom your dog yourself rather than put a professional groomer to do it, you will have to be very careful. In fact, a professional groomer is a person who has received a training to be able to exercise. You are going to have to take certain precautions, particularly if you choose to […]

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Nutritional needs for dogs, what you need to know

Nutritional needs for dogs

The nutritional needs for dogs depend on various factors but the essential nutrients are the same ones for all canines. A dog that does not suffer from food disorders can control itself its ration of food. It is still necessary that the servings fill its nutritional needs. Understand the nutritional needs for dogs One could […]

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Dry or wet food for dogs, what to choose?

Dry or canned food for your dog

To properly feed our dog, we inevitably raise the question of whether to choose dry or wet food for dogs. Each nutrition has its advantages and disadvantages. Wet or dry food? What should we give to our dog to provide him all the essential nutrients he needs? If you really can’t decide, you can pretty much alternate the two types […]

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The Importance and Benefits of Dog’s Nutrition

The importance and benefits of dog's nutrition

Your dog is your buddy. It is has been proven many times that having a dog stimulates overall mental health and offers companionship for many people. Whether you feed your dog a premium commercial food or prepare homemade meals, it is important to understand the fundamentals of dog’s nutrition I love my dog. Although I […]

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The heat cycle of your pet and contraception

dog and cat contraception

Certain periods in the life cycle of your pet are crucial: heats, pregnancy, birth… Which are the key moments and which difficulties can you meet? Which solutions are suggested? The heat cycle of the female dog and her contraception • The majority of the female dogs have their first heats between 7 and 12 months. […]

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How Do your Pets Experience The Cold?

It is the winter, flakes begin to fall, it is getting cold. However, did we ask ourselves the question for our pets? Because we don’t all own big Husky Malamutes cut for the cold! In fact, they are more or less sensitive to it according to their lifestyle and their specie! First of all, it […]

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Primer On Bone Tumors In Dogs

bone tumors in dogs

Bone tumors in dogs are not uncommon, with osteosarcoma being by far the most common type. Bone tumors are most common in large and giant breed male dogs, and are usually seen on the front legs. Unfortunately, most bone tumors are malignant and spread, or metastasize, to other areas of the body, often the lungs. […]

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