Heatstroke in Pets – Symptoms and Prevention

heatstroke in dogs

During the warmer months of the year, dogs and cats maybe susceptible to heat stroke, certain breeds being especially vulnerable. Heatstroke occurs when a dog or cat’s internal regulatory mechanism cannot maintain a normal core temperature of 101o to 102o Fahrenheit (38.3o  to38.8o Celsius) When the animal’s core temperature rises above one 105o F (40.5o […]

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Vets share tips for giving pets medicine

While humans may have made significant gains in bridging the man-pet communication barrier, we’re not there yet, especially when it comes to medicine. It would be helpful if we could somehow explain to our pets that the medicinal pills we’re trying to give them will help them. But until a universal translator for animal language […]

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Yes, People Are Giving Their Pets Medical Marijuana

Photoillustration based on a photo by Pashin Georgy/Shutterstock. Is it ever a good idea to get your dog or cat stoned? California veterinarian Doug Kramer says the answer depends on whether your pet could be classified as a medical marijuana patient. “I do think there are therapeutic benefits to it,” says Kramer, who some years […]

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