What Every Dog Owner Should Know About Foxtails

You’ve probably seen plenty of foxtails out in nature before; mostly growing in meadows, along roadsides, or in vacant lots, but you may not have known what they were. Foxtails are simply foxtail-like seed clusters usually found on the stalks of some types of grasses. These clusters have sharp points that are designed to penetrate […]

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Heat Stroke in Pets

Heat Stroke You’ve seen it, the pet locked in a parked car on a warm day. Maybe you’ve even done it yourself? What you may not know though, is that such a situation can quickly lead to severe, expensive, and often fatal, problems for such a pet. You see, when a pet’s body temperature rises and stays […]

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How to Calculate Your Dog’s Age

It’s common knowledge that dogs age faster than people. But the conventional wisdom that one dog year equals seven human years is an oversimplified view of how old your dog is in human years. Although a dog’s age averages out this way, there is quite a bit of variation. For example, dogs mature more quickly […]

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Affordable Pet Care at Home

home pet care

Dogs and cats provide “parents” so much love and affection. So, it’s only natural that pet parents want to return that love by taking care of all their pet’s health and wellness needs. Fortunately, now top-of-the-line routine care can easily be provided at home using veterinarian-quality pet health products, which will help save money and possibly […]

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I Scoop Dog Poop for a Living


Everyone hates cleaning up poop. So I founded DoodyCalls. The business is now in 23 states. I find there’s something elegant about simplicity in a world complicated by bits and bytes. As the founder of DoodyCalls I attest to this firsthand. My company is the nation’s largest provider of pet waste removal services for homeowners […]

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Understanding Dog Behavior

Ever ask yourself “what was my dog thinking?” Sometimes dog’s do things that seem really strange, but once you get a better understanding of dog behavior, you won’t have to wonder so much. Things Dogs Say: Hopefully, this information will help you and your puppy and/or dog(s) have a better understanding of who is communicating […]

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